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Playground Swings, Roundabouts and other equipment



Playground Swings and roundabouts (rotators) are the true stalwarts of play areas and the items that children ask for without fail. Sutcliffe Play have been producing swings for over 20 years. They are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanized steel. The swings come with anti wrap bearings as standard to prevent them from wrapping around the frame providing longevity. Also included in this section are Swing Seats, Slides, Seesaws and Trampolines. Please review our extensive range.


Produced for over 20 years, our swings are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanized steel. With bearing as standard, they prevent the swings from wrapping around the frame and so provide longevity.


Wherever you go you will see Sutcliffe Play's rubber swing seats. We are the worlds leading swing seat manufacturer, having developed the patented our first seat back in 1976, to replace hard wooden and plastic seats. A feature of most of our swing seats is the patented, impact-absorbing safety edges.


Fast, fun and furious! Five new pieces of equipment have been developed to make play more risky! The rotating devices use body weight to create speed and help develop balance and coordination as well as building strength.


We have four seesaw products in our range, all of which offer something different! There are two more traditional pieces available, in two sizes. We have a standing seesaw which offers a different sensory experience to sitting. We also have an innovative sweeping seesaw which uses a swing seat combined with a hanging end; offering a rocking movement and heightened acceleration! 

Slides offer exciting play opportunities that allow children to understand the force of gravity, teaching them not to fear losing control. Chose from either traditional free standing slides with inbuilt steps or embankment slides that enhance natural landscapes.


Fantastic fun, these trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination. With their own in built rubber edging they can be installed anywhere, even in concrete. No safety surfacing is required.


For many years the Cable Rides/Cable Ways/ Zip Wires has been a great, fun item to play on, popular in many play spaces. We now have a fantastic new design of our own that compliments many of our other product ranges that we know will continue it’s popularity. Available in four lengths it can accommodate different site conditions and with a ramp option also available for sites where there is not a natural gradient, it ensures that users have fun getting the speed required for a great ride anywhere.