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Youth - Outdoor Adventure Playgrounds

Sutcliffe Play is a supplier of exciting and challenging outdoor adventure playground equipment for teenagers. This range consists of Teenzone and Aktivzone climbing frames, towers, space nets and Sutcliffe Play’s new ball courts elements. All of which appeal to children that thrive on more demanding apparatus.

Teenzone is a robust, modular system incorporating social and active components. It was developed as a result of 2 years research with the Playwork Team at Leeds Metropolitan University, which showed that teenagers wanted somewhere to “hang out” and “show off”. Active elements include climbing walls, basketball hoops and full ballcourts, with social areas carefully designed with informal seating and roofs.


Aktivzone is designed to keep 6-14 year old children active and to develop their physical strength and agility. The random nature and chaotic angles make it ideal for both urban and rural settings. There is a range of sizes and prices to fit any space and budget.


Made in our signature, soft natural rubber, our climbing walls can be either standalone or designed as part of a multiplay unit. Double sided, they also start 0.6m above the ground to make access hard for small children and to allow good visibility.


Space nets and frames are structures that challenge children like climbing trees. The nets are relatively transparent, so even though they can be large in size, they don’t dominate a landscape. Various other activities can be added to adventure playgrounds such as slides, rope bridges and ladders. Phone to discuss options.


Silence is golden! Our new ballcourt system has a unique rubber sound insulation system, making it ideal for areas where noise may be a problem for residents. Highly economical, it is tough too, with all components pre-galvanised then powder coated. Available in several colours, it is height adjustable catering for sloping sites. Fully modular, we can adapt to suit budget and the size required.


Choose from either simple low level seating or large challenging units that combine high up seating with climbing walls and tunnel chutes. Hard to access, they discourage and restrict access for younger children.


This specification sheet contains details on our manufacturing techniques, materials and standard fixing kits used for all Youthzone products.


This specification sheet contains details on our manufacturing techniques, materials and standard fixing kits used for all Aktivzone products.


As well as a range of standard Ball courts, we often get asked to design special games areas to specific customer requirements. These special games areas are still fully in compliance with relevant safety standards, but are configured and finished in a unique way. If you have any special outdoor play requirements please contact us.