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Made in Germany 

Within the productline Neospiel you´ll find classical and modern playgroundequipment for public playgrounds, schools and Kindergardens.



Since 1979 we are concepting and producing playgroudn equipment. A long experience which is good for you and your children.


All NEOSPIEL equipment carries the GS stamp and is built in accordance with the latest provisions of DIN-EN 1176/77 (play equipment) and DIN 33439 (skateramps). Throughout the catalogue you will find helpful references to specific points in these standards and guidance.

From our point of view, safety is the highest priority. All products are subjected to close scrutiny prior to leaving our plant, to ensure they are fully compliant with all aspects of the standards prevailing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any safety concerns.



Neospiel generally uses heart free timber. This reduces the prospensity for cracking and ensures a long life. The material is pressure impregnated against infestation. We do not compromise on wood quality.

Neospiel uses the following timber species:

  • Fir (Standard)
  • Douglas Fir/Larch
  • Acacia
  • Oak


Wood is a natural material. It lives happily in changing conditions, and absorbs and dispels moisture. However in longer periods of high temperature cracking may occur - this is permitted within the standards, up to 8mm.

Because this is a natural material, colours in the catalogue may vary.

Integral connections

You can expect a longer life from your Neospiel product and greater safety for the users.Special connectors are used for all tower joints and are made from high grade V2A stainless steel. Swing shackles, which need to withstand high dynamic forces are also made from this high grade material. Swing bearings are maintenance free.

Patented Screwtube Connectors

Screwtube connectors were brought to market by Neospiel in 1985 and have been imitated by countless other manufacturers. Screwtube connectors are used for fixing all main elements, enabling neat and secure fixing of these components. Gone are the unsightly plastic caps you see on so many pieces of equipment. All screws and washers used are of V2A stainless steel.



Amongst other things, we us PE material for Roofs, Barriers and Water play equipment.

NEOSPIEL uses food grade PE material to ensure no possible contamination for young users. It is self colour and UV stable unlike other materials on the market. Your Neospiel equipment will look bright and attractive for many years to come. Ask for a sample and you can see for yourself.

Quality Assurance

NEOSPIEL has the most stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure we get your order right first time.
Quality is our watchword.



NEOSPIEL-Playground Equipment is manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified craftsmen. Our experienced despatch department is accustomed to delivering product safely, promptly and efficiently to the four corners of the earth - rest assured your orders are in the most capable hands.

Neospiel invented this unique connection method. It cleverly overcomes the entrapments in traditional designs thus improving safety, and the degradation of timber at old fashioned morticed joints.