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Mona’s goal is to bring good, timeless design into a child’s world of experience. Mona playground equipment are top-quality design products affordable foralmost anybody. With lasting qualityand safety they are price efficient and offer a wide variety of possibilities no matter how big or small your budget.
Mona’s unique interplay of design, function and price stems from a cost-efficient, modularised serial production.

Even though the initial cost of a product is crucial in your decision-making, you also need to consider follow-up costs for maintenance and repair. Mona play-ground equipment are resistant to rot and molding and therefore remain low-maintenance even after years of intense use and exposure. Even small, highly-strained parts such as bearings and connection pieces are top quality and rarely need to be replaced. All parts are nonetheless easily exchangeable and kept in stock at all times for your convenience.

Steel and caoutchouc

Made in Germany