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 RABO Tricyles, Made in Danmark


Exceptional play valueplay1

RABO's products have been designed to achieve the highest level of Play Value, Quality and Safety.

Ergonomic scale and proper anthropometrical dimensions in our tricycles provide for children's natural need for stimulation of motion and balance experiences, eye-hand coordination, social interactive opportunities, as well as, development of gross and fine motor skills.

RABO Tricycles contain a blend of modern, timeless design, quality and exceptional play value.

 Play - from tot to teen

Children's developmental need for stimulation of motion and balance experiences, eye-hand coordination, as well as development of gross and fine motor skills occur on RABOs broad range of wheel-based products.

Some products recognize and support toddlers' natural desire to favour parallel play. Others cater to preschool and elementary aged children's ability with friends to cooperate in order to operate the cycle, supporting their development of social-interactive and language skills.

Good design ensures timeless play


A careful choice of smooth, lightweight, durable materials balanced by superior design features ensures the ultimate opportunity for a child to venture out on wheels. Observations show that children's motivation to spend a maximum amount of time on wheels is directly associated with the smooth ease of riding.

RABO designed cycles attract children to engage in added physical activity and exploration due to its smooth, lightweight design

Play for All

Inclusion of all children


Inclusion and equal play for children with physical or mental challenges is a fundamental objective at RABO Tricycles, as all children have the same basic needs for play. Their individual needs and abilities can differ. Some children need help to manage life, while others manage on their own from an early stage.

Accessory attachments

Many RABO tricycles have technically been prepared for small adaptations and accessory attachments allowing children with disabilities to play naturally among their peers. Other products can be supplied with modified parts, extending their usage greatly to particular users with disabilities.