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MEHO Made in Germany


Wooden Products:
 Pith Separated Pine (Pinus sylvestris) pressure-treated DIN 68800-3
 Plywood Plates Birch (Betula pubescens) throughout, water and boil resistant
glue laminated 17 times DIN 68705 material strength: 21-24 mm
 Plywood Plates Phenol film coated 220 g/m²
 Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)
 Douglas ((Pseudotsuga menziesii)
 Larch (Larix dahurica)
 Ash (Fraxinus exelsior)
 Composite Lumberr Pine (Pinus sylvestris) wood layer strength 30 mm, water and boil resistant glue laminated
 Bilinga (Nauclea diderrichii) hand-cut products
 Wall/Roof Elements From HD/PE in bright colors



Wood products have no ground contact, posts will be delivered with hot dip galvanized steel feet DIN 50975.

Products made from imbued polyethylene HD/PE:    
100% PE raw materials, no reclaimed parts (high density)
UV stable, structures, inspected as per DIN EN 71, EN 1186 and
ENV 13130. HD/PE requires no care.

Material strength: 19 – 21 mm with a 10 year factory guarantee.

Products made from polyethylene HD/PE with stainless steel pipe frames:    Stainless steel: A² DIN 1.4305, DIN 1.431 and DIN 2463 with a
10-year factory guarantee.    


GFK red platform height 750 – 2900 mm, width 650 mm
GFK red with stainless steel coating, platform
height 1200 -2900 mm, width 650 mm
Stainless steel, material 1.4301 DIN 17441, A², platform height
900 - 2000 mm, width 480 mm    


A 1 Standard, hot dip galvanized deep anchor to be buried
A 2 Concrete plate to insert into existing ground covering
A 3 Carpet ground plate made of HD/PE
A 4 Spring for pegging
A 5 Spring sizes Ø200x420x20mm,

A 6 Spring at maximum load – safety for children’s hands -
A 7 Blocked spring coil
A 8 Steps/shoots with finger groove
A 9 Self-securing MEHO® spring safety nuts (DBP.4244102)
      made of stainless steel, no unauthorized loosening possible.
A 10 Hand grips and foot rests with steel core, HD/PE coated
A 11 Hand grips and foot rests, pipe connections epoxy resin
A 12 Stainless steel joints, hot dip galvanized and powder coated
A 13 Swing suspensions made from stainless steel with rotation axis    

A 14 Universal joint M 18 x 220 mm with safety chain, PA
         bearing and Teflon sleeves
A 15 Combined rope Ø16mm, chain lock on fused wire strands,
         hemp rope with steel core Ø 26mm
A 16 Rubber sand bucket Ø 200 mm with hot dip galvanized
A 17 Rubber safety seats
A 18 Chain suspension for swing with finger guard, 7 mm DIN 766
A 19 Ergonomically-shaped seat made of HD/PE
A 20 Ergonomically-shaped seat, phenol film coated plywood
A 21 Composite lumber water-resistant glue laminated, multiply sealed.
A 22 Colorful HD/PE plates 19 and 21 mm
A 23 Northern pine Ø 14-20 Northern pine edge
         wood 7.5 x 9.5 – 14 x 14 cm Alternatively: Mahogany Douglas,
         Larch and Ash
A 24 Spring product with concrete plate
A 25 Hot dip galvanized steel feet to be immersed in concrete
A 26 Hot dip galvanized depth anchor without concrete foundation
        Horizontal bar and fireman’s pole Ø 34 mm stainless steel A²
        lashings, coconut or nylon Ø 150 - 200 mm

Delivery: Our products are completely or mostly pre-assembled in the
factory and delivered packaged.

Installation:    Set up of the products as per manufacturer’s instructions. 
Types of ground dependent upon permissible freefall heights.
Maintenance: EUROPEAN NORM 1176 Part 7
a) Routine visual inspections 1 – 14 days
b) Operational inspections 1 -3 months
c) Annual primary inspections – at intervals of not more than 12 months
Please note that faulty maintenance and/or neglected inspections
can present a significant risk of accidents. 

Repairs and Care:    Only original replacement parts are allowed for operational
permission/certification. To ensure a long lifetime of the
playground products, any damage should be repaired immediately.
Even the best products require care for a long lifetime.    

Supply of Replacement Parts:    Assured in the long term via CNC technology.    

State of Technology:    

Innovations from the international council of the CEN TC 136 SC 1
are bindingly determined by the European expansion of norms for
the member states and these constantly influence the
construction of our products.
For this reason, we reserve the right to change the design of our
products at the time of delivery to the presentation in the catalog.