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Ages 3-7 - Preschool

Language development, sharing toys, social interaction, fine motor skill development through physical activity, wheel toys play an integral role.


Runner (7053)

B 7,460.- 


The Runner often becomes children's first experience on a two wheeler, as they are still able to use their feet to maintain balance and to push the cycle forward.

Many playful hours on the Runner gives the child added and natural confidence to embrace a cycle with pedals full-heartedly.


Runner Maxi (7054) 

B 8,280.- 


Runner Maxi is RABO Runners big brother. Det giver et barn en fornemmelse af øget personlig kontrol over cyklen at kunne bruge ben og fødder til at bringe cyklen fremad.

De store hjul giver mulighed for mere fart og bevægelse - noget denne særlige aldersgruppe ønsker.


Pick-Up (7056)

B 11,640.- 


The 3-wheeled Pick-Up is a true winner among preschool children as it supports their natural desire to engage in role-playing.

Bringing goods on the Pick-Up to far-away places supports imaginative and social interactive play; or transporting a friend across to the playground's playhouse.


Pick-Up Maxi (7059)

B 12,460.- 


Copying the world of grown-ups through roleplaying is the most time consuming type of play among 4-7 year olds.

The Pick-Up Maxi is well designed and scaled as a centre piece for imaginative and social interactive play.



2-Wheel Scooter (7020)

B 8,530.- 


The 2 Wheeled Scooter brings speed and balance combined with physical play for younger children. With broad and stable wheels, it is easy to maneuver even on loose gravel surfaces, where other scooters give up.

It allows for quick decisions to move into new directions; or to use the rear brake bringing it to halt instantly.

The tread surface is made of non-skid rubber, so children quickly gain a feeling of safety and security. The scooter is more stable to stand on as opposed to conventional scooters.



3-Wheel Scooter (7021) 

B 7,460.- 


The 3-Wheel Scooter is a totally unique tricycle with its stable three broad wheels and a spacious standing surface, so that even the smallest ones enjoy a sense of security while standing on one foot and pushing with the other.

The 3-Wheel Scooter is lightweight and low to the ground and the handles are designed so little hands can easily hold on tight while pushing one's way through the play area.



Walking Trike (7022) 

B 6,640.- 


The Walking Trike is children's very first tricycle before the more complex trike with pedals comes into play. It is ideal for day care and nursery school children not yet able to tread the pedals.

The Walking Trike is a wonderful first step onto wheels and the sense of security this bike develops confidence toward moving onto a pedal driven cycle.



Maxi Scooter (7023) 

B 10,330.- 


With its taller front handlebar, the Maxi Scooter brings speed and balance combined with physical play for older children. It allows for quick decisions to move into new directions; or to use the rear brake bringing it to halt instantly.

With broad and stable wheels, it is easy to maneuver even on loose gravel surfaces, where other scooters usually give up.

The tread surface is made of non-skid rubber, so that children quickly gain a feeling of safety and security. The scooter is therefore more stable to stand on as opposed to conventional scooters.



Artist Bike (7024) 

B 10,660.- 


The Artist Bike has specifically been designed for older children.

Its special design with the pedals on the rear wheel provides children with lots of fun and joy while containing a challenging level of complexity achievable by this age-group.

The Artist Bike supports the natural need for this age group to compete, show off and express playful and fun situations.

We encourage you to push and challenge some sound limits in your children and let them explore the wonders of the Artist Bike!



Trike 1 (7025) 

B 8,030.- 


This award winning trike can be considered the best nursery school tricycle on the market.

Its scale caters perfectly to this agegroup and its broad wheels allows children to manouvre across a variety of surfaces.

As one of RABO's true classics, the Trike 1 has been embraced by children and caregivers in child care settings for many years.



Trike 3 (7026) 

B 9,250.- 


RABO's Trike 3 has become classic on the playground due to its level of play value, durability and smooth design.

Trike 3 becomes the tricycle children bridge with their future bicycle era outside the supervised environment of the center.

RABO Tricycles has produced and supplied the "No. 3" to children around the world for more than 20 years.



Go-cart (7027) 

B 15,700.- 


The special design of the Go-Cart provides challenge, complexity and muscle development to children, as they learn how consequences of handle bars' rear steering controls their forward moving direction.

The large seat comforts children of different ages and variety of sizes.



Tricart 2000 (7028) 

B 9,840.- 


The RABO Tricart 2000 is the pre-school's coolest tricycle. The well shaped seat and back rest appeals to children seeking a bit of extra speed.

The seat also provides the added support to a child with weak lower back strength. The seat and frame design allows for easy Velcro seat belt attachment for children with mobility challenges.



Rider (7029) 

B 10,580.- 


The 3-wheel RABO Rider is to many the "Harley Davidson" of the preschool. Seated low to the ground and with a large seat embracing the child, the Rider signals fast pace, independence and play.

The large seat and positioning of the pedals caters well to children with disabilities. The design of the seat and frame caters well for inclusion of a Velcro belt, allowing a physically challenged child to use the Rider.



Taxi (7030)

B 15,900.- 


Roleplaying, social interaction and fantasy play is the most time consuming type of play among preschool children.

The RABO Taxi is a wonderful vehicle for children to socially interact, role and language play; and to move about the playground; to distant places in the world - or across to the playhouse.



Chariot (7031) 

B 15,000.- 


A tricycle with great social and physical play potential, since it may be used by two children and offers a great variety for playing Ben Hur, race riding, playing bus; or just biking and having fun.

The two side and front bars in the rear section of the trike combined with the flat large surface can accomodate children with a variety of physical challenges integrating all children to take part in the playground's fun and movement.



Trailer (7032) 

B 8,520.- 


The trailer is great for transporting things; or a special friend.

It can be used with or without a tricycle, as the attachment bar has a handle at the end.

The trailer can be attached to the RABO Trike 3, Tri-cart 2000, RABO Rider, and RABO Taxi.



2-Wheeler (7033)

B 8,360.- 


Having gained confidence in riding on wheels on RABO's other tricycles or "runners", the 2-Wheeler becomes children's first experience toward a traditional bicycle.

To bridge this experience the 2-Wheeler's broad tires make it easier to maintain balance and cross curbs; or ride on uneven surfaces.



2-Wheeler, large (7034)

B 9,180.- 


Riding the Large 2-wheeler signals that you have now moved in with "the older children" due to its scale and solid proportions.

The design of the cycle makes it easy to keep the balance and its scale provides for faster pace and physical challenge.



Rabcart (7035) 



RABO's RabCart is great for role-playing.

With its unconventional steering and puncture-free tires, the 4-wheeled Go Cart becomes a racing car, a truck or cool 4-wheel drive.

Its sturdy design and technical simplicity ensures the least amount of long term maintenance compared with similar products in the market.



Cart (7036) 

B 23,610.- 


The RABO Cart supports children's social, cooperative, language and physical development as it caters well to groups of children playing together.

A lorry, ferry, bus or boat the Cart is open ended as it design does not dictate any particular vehicle, but leaves it up to the child's imagination to decide.

The two interior seats are made from synthetic materials and are therefore easy to wipe off after a busy day in the playground. The seats can be removed for easier cleaning or to make room for more children.

The Cart is very stable and has space for 3-4 children, is extremely durable and practically impossible to break during normal use.

The Cart allows children with a variety of physical challenges to be seated or to lay inside the Cart when playing with a friend of caregiver.



Circle Cart (7037) 

B 11,640.- 


RABO's Circle Cart is a true action tricycle encouraging unique maneuvering while giving lots of fun and challenging joy of moving.

The Circle Cart is truly a different tricycle requiring the child to use handles rather than pedals to create movement; forward, backwards or turning corners. It helps development of children's motor skills while teaching them to coordinate and create movement in more complex ways than on conventional tricycles.



Transporter (7040) 



This trike is a Heavy Goods Vehicle. It is a real kindergarten delivery vehicle, as it is always fun to transport things or friends around the playground.

The tall sides and open space in the goods section gives good support to a seated child, who has mobility challenges.



Rickshaw (7043)

B 10,100.- 


The RABO Rickshaw represents the age old Asian vehicle that children recognize from movies, story books or trips. Loaded with a friend, goods or toys, only then will children's imagination determine the nature and destination of this vehicle.

With a friend seated it becomes highly social interactive and supports children's development around communication, cooperation and coordination.
The Rickshaw's seat and its enclosure cater well to children with physical disabilities.



Sidecar (7046) 

B 15,740.- 


The Sidecar trike has great potential for social play as two children can use it at the same time. It bridges also children's developmental move from parallel play to social interactive play, as the youngest child can be seated alongside with an older friend "behind the wheel".

The Sidecar brings an extra dimension in eye hand coordination, motor skills and planning as the trike requires more space on the right side than the left when negotiating playground obstacles.



Airplane (7047) 

B 13,940.- 


The Airplane is wonderful for toddlers who are learning to walk.

The rotating wheel at the rear end encourages children to learn the connection between wanting to go in a specific direction and using the whole body to get there.

This trike helps supports coordination and motor skills while catering to toddlers' natural desire to move around the playground and explore.