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 HIP-HOP "Basis" /  Product No.: 1530000    


concrete Slap:

without concrete Slap
ArtNr.: 1530000




inc. concrete Slap
ArtNr.: 1530001



Tivoli-Roundabout / Product No.: 0206120

Kids will have hours of fun on this roundabout which is manufactured from steel with a hot dip galvanised and optional painted finish.

Heavy duty steel shaft with maintenance free bearings.
Non-slip aluminium chequerplate deck.

Overall height: 0,75 m
Space needed: Ø 1,90 m
Safety zone: Ø 5,00 m
3 years upward



Spinner / Product No.: 0205090    

Spinner is just your classical roundabout.
The frame and handlebars are made from
galvanised steel and the deck is fashioned
from aluminium chequerplate for non-slip

The rotating assembly is mounted on heavy
duty roller bearings for a maintenance-free life.

Overall height: 0,75 m
Space needed: ca. Ø 1,90 m
Safety zone: Ø 5,00 m
3 years upward



Rota-Runner /  Product No.: 0208150    

Here’s a real challenge for you kids!
Rota Runner is set at an angle in the
ground, so balancing skills are critical.
The main frame is in galvanised steel, spinning
on heavy duty maintenance-free roller bearings.
The decking is in long life, non-slip material.

Overall height: 0,60 / 0,40 m
Space needed: Ø 2,50 m
Safety zone: Ø 7,50 m (recommended)
6 years upward



Roundabout Giostrina / Product No.: 0206300

PE-Roundabout with Stainless steel Railing.

Space needed: Ø 1,20 m
Safety zone: Ø 4,20 m
Overall height: 0,81 m
3 years upwards