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 Locomotive "LEO"  / Product No.: 3004040    



Wagon "LEO" / Product No.: 3004042


Railway Children /Product No.: 3004045    

“Get your tickets here ”
A complete set of equipment for enthusiasts - Locomotive, Ticket Office, Platform
w ith Fencing and Signal (not shown in photo).
Constructed of smart, varnished square section timber uprights w ith attractive
coloured panels. The engine boiler is a huge polyethylene
crawling tunnel.
Elements come fully assembled and ready to go.

Overall height: 2,00 m
Space needed: 4,00 x 4,05 m
Safety zone: 7,00 x 7,05 m
3 years upwards



Nautilus /  Product No.: 0125500    

Ahoy there! - get on board Nautilus
and experience life on the ocean w ave.
Nautilus is solid wooden constructed
pirate ship mounted on strong epoxy
coated springs which simulate wave
The railings and boarding ladders are
made of stainless steel, and the seats
and deck are of marine ply for a longer
life. The purpose-built ground anchor
makes installation a piece of cake.
Overall height: 3,50 m
Space needed: 4,70 x 1,40 m
Safety zone: 7,70 x 4,40 m
4 years upward


Rivo / Product No.: 0123470    

On the outstreched wings of Rivo children can let their fantasies fly…
Bright ly coloured Rivo is a stunning addition to any playground. His body and wings are made from timber which is treated and then stained in vibrant colours. His tail feathers are represented by a low noise slide with a stainless steel sliding surface.
Inside the giant bird’s body there is a table and some seats for tired travellers.

Platform height: 1,75 m
Overall height: 3,30 m
Space needed: 6,40 x 5,80 m
Safety zone: 10,40 x 9,80 m
4 years upwar


Drax Dragon / Product No.: 0123480    

Just like the magical giant bird Rivo, Drax Dragon is a
myth in itself.
Avoiding the flames, children can climb up either side of
his imposing visage, clamber over the scales of his back
and slide down his majestic tail. Those unfortunate to
be swallowed by Drax can plan their escape from his
within his body…
Because of the size of this structure, deep and complex
foundations are not required.

Platform height: 1,75 m
Overall height: 3,85 m
Space needed: 6,50 x 2,20 m
Safety zone: 10,50 x 6,20 m
4 years upward