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Junior Playzone Playground Equipment

Junior Playzone range includes our specially developed climbing frames, plus other commercial playground equipment including rotators and roundabouts. See how Sutcliffe Play's equipment can inspire active constructive learning by children.

Create circuits and courses offering a mixture of balancing, climbing, traversing and sports activities. Ideal for school grounds to encourage children towards sport and also to link areas of your playground together. We can advise on the more play oriented activities for younger children, or the more challenging, sporty elements requiring more strength and coordination.


Higher and more challenging than toddler equipment, Playzone is designed for children aged 6-12. It is robust, suitable for demanding locations and easy to install. Look out for specially developed inclusive features to enable children of all abilities to play together.


Playzone is fully modular and so provides endless combinations to suit differing needs, locations and budgets. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and a 3d design of your chosen specification. And for all this, there is only a small surcharge of 10% on the catalogue component prices shown


This specification sheet contains details on our manufacturing techniques, materials and standard fixing kits used for all Junior products.