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Elemental Play

This exciting new range of elemental child playground equipment incorporates all four classic elements of nature: wind, water, fire and earth. It also introduces products which enable children to experience natural play.

The prevailing element of wind can be harnessed to drive wind turbines or transmit sound from one place to another. Megaphones or talk tubes are perfect for linking different play areas, or for transmitting across a large playspace.


Ever changing, water’s tactile qualities, warm or cool, soft or forceful, are irresistible to children. We are waterplay specialists, supplying both our own modular range of water tables and delivery systems and the Kaiser Kuhne range of waterplay. Alternatively, water can be delivered into an area of sand to replicate a beach environment where children can dam and divert water.


The sand pit environment is one that all adults remember from their childhoods. Sutcliffe Play brings to this theme a new range of units designed especially for children to enjoy this unique experience.


Considered with fear and suspicion by adults, there is a fascination with fire for children. However in a safe controlled environment, with facilitation from youth workers, for can be established as a focal point for organised activities.


Earth Play

This encompasses a combination of soft and hard landscaping, from sand, gravel and other materials rich in form, texture and colour, to a range of stone elements in their natural form or finished to create bridges, compasses and sundials. Using sand as a play medium, we also offer equipment designed to enable children to dig, lift and move sand. New range coming soon...


We believe strongly that play designs should be adapted to the context in which they are located. This philosophy underpins the work of our 6 strong Play Area Design Team, headed by a qualified landscape architect. They will carefully blend equipment within the natural setting, providing the right mix of challenge, and fun as well as a sustainable, durable play space. New range coming soon...