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Trimm Tramp

Article No.: 83000 / 83500


Small, light and nevertheless very stable and robust. The Trimm Tramp is the smallest
trampoline made by Eurotramp and offers numerous application possibilities. It is excellently
suitable for therapeutic purposes such as movement therapy and rehabilitation. For private
use, it serves for physical activation, stress relief, weight reduction, strengthening of the entire
muscles, endurance training etc.

The Trimm Tramp is available in two different versions; the somewhat harder version
with steel springs or a more protective and softer version with rubber cable bracing
that is suitable particularly for children and older people.

“There is no better sports equipment having a more positive influence on the development
of the equilibrium function, the coordination ability and motor adaptability than this is given
by the direct application of the trampoline.”
(Rheker 1993,139)
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  • Frame: Round tube (hexagonal) edge to edge 110 cm, made of special steel, 25 cm high; galvanized
  • Legs: Round tube made of special steel, removable (6 pc.); galvanized
  • Jumping bed (hexagonal) edge to edge 85 cm, made of PVC-coated synthetics
  • 36 steel springs (length 85 mm, 20 mm); galvanized resp. rubber cable (Ø 11.4 mm)
  • Shock absorbing and stable frame pads
  • Total weight: 12.5 kg

Loading and storing dimensions: 112 x 102 x 6 cm (carton)


item 83000 Trimm Tramp with steel springs, / B 13,000.-
item 83500 Trimm Tramp with rubber cable, / B 13,000.-