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Trampoline: Double-Minitramp 190, FIG certificate

Article No.: 23000                            


Double-Minitramp gymnastics is a sporting event with competitions held at national and international, through to World Championship level. The Eurotramp Double-Minitramp 190 fulfils the FIG norm and has been used for many years for all major championships in this event throughout the world. Eurotramp offers all of the components of a Double-Minitramp competition set. These components are:

• 1 Eurotramp Double-Minitramp 190
• 1 x 20 m long run-up
• A set of landing mats consisting of 3 soft floor mats
• Landing mat cover
• Spieth “Secura” spotting mat

The predecessor of the current Double-Minitramp 190 is the 170 version which is 20 cm narrower, but can be retrofitted to the new competition standard with a conversion kit (item 24500).

The exceptionally strong frame construction, together with the high quality jumping bed made of 13 mm wide, weaved nylon bands and high-performance springs, makes it the first choice for all top athletes.
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  • Frame: Flat-oval steel tube 350 x 190 x 70 cm made of special steel; galvanized
  • Legs: Flat-oval tube made of special steel, strengthened by brace; galvanized
  • Jumping bed (292 x 92 cm) made of 13 mm wide weaved nylon bands
  • 98 steel springs (length 235 mm, Ø 28,5 mm); 4 strengthened corner springs (length 258 mm, Ø 39 mm); galvanized
  • shock absorbing and stable frame pads
  • Genuine hologram label
  • Total weight: 140 kg

Storing dimensions model 190 on roller stands: 215 x 70 x 197 cm

Loading dimensions model 190: 194 x 25 x 190 cm
+ loading dimension roller stands: (2 pc.) à 70 x 21 x 118 cm (each 8,6 kg)

Loading dimensions model 170: 172 x 25 x 190 cm
+ loading dimension roller stands: (2 pc.) à 70 x 21 x 118 cm (each 8,6 kg)