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Spring rider

This series is of outdoor rocking horse (springer toys) is divided into PE rocking horse, plastic rocking horse. Shake by the foundation spring. Novelty, variety, have different types: cars, sports cars, jeeps and animals and other shapes. Suitable for amusement parks, kindergartens, schools, parks, residential, villa gardens and other outdoor venues.


KY05001, THB 7,500.-

74x32x78 cm


KY05002, THB 7,500.-

65x32x76 cm


KY05003, THB 7,500.-

76x32x76 cm



KY05004, THB 7,500.-

76x32x76 cm


KY5005, THB 7,500.-

85x32x75 cm

KY05006, THB 7,500.-

76x32x78 cm


KY05007, THB 7,500.-

76x32x80 cm 


KY05008, THB 7,500.-

76x32x76 cm 


KY05009, THB 7,500.-

76x32x76 cm 


KY05010, THB 6,800.-

88x30x87 cm 


KY05011, THB 6,800.-


KY05012, THB 6,800.-


KY05013, THB 6,800.-

88x30x87 cm


Spring rider KY1091A, HDP with spring, Baht 5,290.-



Spring rider KY1091B, Baht 7.320.-


 Spring rider KY1091C, Baht 7,320.-


Spring rider KY1091D, Baht 7,320.-


Spring rider KY1091E, Baht 5,290.-



Spring rider KY1091F, Baht 5,290.-


Spring rider KY1092A, Baht 10,380.-


Spring rider KY1092B, Baht 10,960.-


Spring rider KY1092C, Baht 6,210.-


Spring rider KY1092D, Baht 10,960.-


Spring rider KY1092E. Baht 5,530.-


Spring rider KY1092F, Baht 5,530.-


Spring rider KY1093A, Baht 5,530.-


Spring rider KY1093B, Baht 5,530.-


Spring rider KY1093C, Baht 5,530.-


Spring rider KY1093D,  D 1200 cm, with steel plate, Baht 17,460.-


Spring rider KY1093E, D 1200 cm, plastisol plate with bearing rotary, Baht 30,600.-


Spring rider KY1093F, 6 pcs plastic car, D 2,8 m, plastisol with bearing rotary, Baht 47,330.-