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Garbage can

Trash-can have iron, stainless steel, wood, plastic bins. With fashionable and beautiful style, the quality is also trustworthy. Suitable for indoor and outdoor public place such as parks, communities, buildings, hotels and so on.



Garbage can KY1088A / 35x80 cm, B 2,660.-


Garbage can KY1088B, 35x80 cm, B 2,660.-


Garbage can KY1088C, 35x35x72 cm, B1,190.-

outdoor garbage can
size: 35*35*72cm          



Garbage can KY1088D, 42x42x75 cm, B 3,700.-


Garbage can KY1088E, 38x60x95 cm, B 4,330.-


Garbage can KY1088F, 34x42x72 cm, B 2,970.-


Garbage can KY1088G, 90x38x95 cm, B 4,450.-


Garbage can KY1088H, 35x90x90 cm, B 4,450.-


Garbage can KY07018, 82x38x80 cm, B 6,300.-


Garbage can KY07019, 45x80 cm, B 5,000.-


Garbage can KY1088K, 40x80 cm, B 5,700.-


Garbage can KY1088L, 40x80 cm, B 5,700.-