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Seesaw have steel tube, galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe. Cushion materials have plastic, PE board, and also other animal, car styling. Fashionable, beautiful and diverse choice. Suitable for amusement parks, kindergartens, schools, parks, residential, villa gardens and other outdoor venues. applicable to adults and children.


Seesaws KY1089A


Seesaws KY05037, 400x45x77 cm, Baht 14,900.-


Seesaws KY05039, 200x45x77 cm, Baht 7,100.-


Seesaws KY05038, 360x4587 cm, Baht 15,900.-


Seesaws KY05036, 360x45x87 cm, Baht 15,900.-


Seesaws KY1090B, 260x45x87 cm, Baht 16,300.-


Seesaws KY1090C, 250x45x87 cm, Baht 15,230.-


Seesaws KY1090D, 250x45x87 cm, Baht 15,200.- 


KY05041, THB 22,700.-

250x94x90 cm


KY05042, THB 13,500.-

250x32x70 cm


KY05044, THB 25,000.-

230x230x70 cm


KY05045, THB 19,800.-

diameter 180x70 cm