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 Swing fittings


Swing joint swivel, PA bearing Bolt / Product No.: 2508029

Swing joint made of cast stainless steel swivel, PA bearing
M 12 fixation bolt, maintenance free
Including all srews
rof round and square wood
Bolt lenght: 135 mm- 200 mm


Swing joint with axle / Product No.: 2508035

Swing joint with axle

stainless steel, with 2 swivel and crossbar
with 2 pcs M12 x 200 mm thread sticks,
length: 825 mm or 1200 mm



Swing joint with ironthread with PA bearing and shackle / Product No.: 2508051

galvanized, Ø 12 mm bolt
for beams with up to Ø 135 mm, with 2 nuts
total length: 225 mm
bolt length: 170 mm


Swing joint with swivel / Product No.: 2508026    

Swing joint with swivel
Stainless steel, M 12 bolt
bolt length: 200 mm (you can shorten it)


Swing joint with flange for squere wood / Product No.: 2508027    

Swing joint with flange for squere wood
with swivel, stainless steel
Fixation with M12 bolt, or welding


Swing joint with flange for ROUND wood / Product No.: 2508028    


Group swing bearing for horizontal mounting / Product No.: 2608002    

With safety chain, nipple for lubrication.
5 pcs ball bearings, 2 pcs thrust ball bearing.
2 pcs M16 stainless steel bolts with locking nuts.
For horizontal mounting